Calender 25 Nov,2016 | Avirahi Group

Make Best Investment Move in 2017: Do Investment In Dholera SIR

For investors investing in properties is the smartest way. People find out many investment options for example gold, land, etc. But investing in a property can give you maximum benefits. However, spending money on any property is not enough. There are certain factors which need to be looked after before taking this big step. Gettingaaa...[READ MORE ]

Calender 19 Nov,2016 | Avirahi Group

Dholera SIR Latest News: Among 3 Other Projects What Dholera SIR is Up To

People keep mailing, commenting and asking questions on the website about the Dholera SIR latest news. The thing is that government is not only looking for this project but 3 other projects as well. Let’s understand this by reading this article. Finally, the wait is over. DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai-Industrial-Corridor) is finally starting to allot the landaaa...[READ MORE ]

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