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I can tell many reasons for my love for Life in a metro city. I left my town immediately after the completion of my college to get a job. People have their own choices, it is a personal choice to settle. Personally, I feel, people from small town who does not want to settle in the big cities, is because they are satisfied with their lifestyle, there are two reasons why they do not want to embrace a sudden change in the lifestyle, one, Afraid of being lost, Lack of knowledge about the benefits.

People who are afraid, needs a little motivation, and who has less knowledge, well this blog will help you know why it is a right time to move?

Opportunities: When you shift early in your age to some big city, like Ahmedabad, you get many openings. It is a good stage to start your career from a scratch, as you do not have family responsibilities and other burdens. It is good to learn many things from life in the early stage. Life in Metro, gives you strength to establish your identity in the competitive world.

Motivated: No doubt you feel motivated among the people who are regularly working hard to make a mark in the world. When you see positive and motivated around you, it feels good. Learning from the failures and celebrating victory becomes habitual to you. It gives you strength to walk, run, fall and again upsurge.

Competitive: why do you prepare so hard for any competitive exam? Simple, because you know there are many other candidates preparing hard to crack the exam. The more you study, the more are the chances to pass in the examination. The same rule applies to the battle of life. When you have a set of qualified, classy, and educated people around you, you automatically feel competitive and that makes you keep growing.

Learning: one of the huge drawback settling in a small town is that, people care less to grow. They have a few daily chores to finish and that is it. Science and technology have become important part of any metro, but in small places, people are still learning to operate simple operations on the computer. It is just an example, and who knows how far the learning will continue. A person learns something only when he really wants to use it somewhere, if you have an interest, no one can stop you.

Strong Management: Remember the day when you or your ancestors came from a village and settled in the town. They gradually left the village lifestyle and adopted the new changes. One day they were harmonized the lifestyle. Now it is the time you must shift, and ask your parents to embrace new lifestyle. Even if you are a girl, women, boy or a man-the metro teaches you to grow on your own. There are no outer side help or moral support to help you reach the place you always aspired. You learn to manage things on your own, and fell less dependent.

Overall, it is always good to accept changes. Understand this, what if one day your child says, Father, I want to make a life in some metro city, and later he settles there. It becomes difficult for you to match the lifestyle of your children in the later stage. It is always good to prepare yourself before your child.

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