Airbus-Tata Aircraft Manufacturing to start soon in Dholera SIR

Airbus-Tata Aircraft Manufacturing to start soon in Dholera SIR
Calendar 20 Oct,2022 | Avirahi Group

The importance of Make in India or Atmanirbhar Bharat has been emphasised for several years at the highest levels of the defence aircraft manufacturing business, primarily through the development of Defense Research Facilities and other government-sponsored R&D organisations. However, India has recently come to the realisation that the private sector too has the essential capacity to support India’s goal of reaching Atmanirbhar Defense Manufacturing. It has been reported that Gujarat’s dholera sir residential plots will likely house India’s first private sector aircraft manufacturing facility and its surrounding industrial ecosystem.

The news of Airbus-Tata Aircraft Manufacturing in detail

After the Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Airbus Defense Space S. A., Spain, signed a 22,000 crore deal, it is likely that the production goal of replacing the Indian 56 Avro Aircraft with the cutting-edge C-295 MW Transport Aircraft would become feasible at Dholera SIR. In accordance with an agreement with the Ministry of Defense reached in September 2021, Airbus intends to work with Tata Advanced Systems Limited to construct 56 C- 40 C-295MW military transports in India.
The manufacturing facility that will be constructed in Dholera Smart City will be equipped to make aircraft from production through assembly, testing, and delivery. The C-295 aircraft will replace the outdated Avro-748 aircraft of the Indian Air Force and revolutionise the operations of medical evacuation, disaster relief, and marine surveillance. It will be equipped with 5 standard pallets and 24 healthcare units. The C-295 aircraft’s potential to transport up to 71 troops or 50 paratroopers together with a 5 to 10-tonne cargo will also aid the Indian Defense industry. The aircraft will make it simpler to deliver supplies to remote areas.

Dholera SIR- The hub for development projects

The proposal has the prominent approval of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In fact, Navagam Village has designated a 1426-acre block of land for the Dholera Airport. This project has been classified as a “Early Bird Project” by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, and the Gujarat government. Two runways, each measuring 4,000 metres and 2910 metres, will also be present at Dholera Airport and will be used for flight testing by the Airbus-Tata production facility. There is also a provision to develop Aviation Academy, Flight Training Institute, and
MRO facilities for Airframes, Engines, as well as C & D inspections.
Tata-Airbus has already been awarded the contract to provide 56 C-295 cargo planes. Additional orders may be necessary to meet the military, navy, and air force demands of India. The business may later think about serving the export market as well. The initiative was mentioned by the state industries minister during his budget statement to the Assembly in March. Although he did not name the business at the time, he had stated that an aircraft manufacturing facility will soon be built.

Huge boost for The Avirahi City projects

We all are familiar that Avirahi City is making different residential as well as commercial projects in Dholera Smart city in the special investment region which is the talk of the town in India. The previous projects of Avirahi city have been huge and super successful which is the reason people across the world are looking to invest in the projects in Dholera SIR. After the announcement of the aircraft manufacturing unit which is to start soon in Dholera SIR, the plot prices of the avirahi projects have already started to rise. Every day some or the other development project is announced making the plot prices higher. Make sure you book your plots as soon as possible in Avirahi City

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