Blackrock, Mubadala to Invest ₹40 billion in Tata Power’s Renewables Arm for a 10% Stake

Blackrock, Mubadala to Invest ₹40 billion in Tata Power’s Renewables Arm for a 10% Stake
Calendar 18 Apr,2022 | Avirahi Group

Tata Power and blackrock Real Assets- led consortium which also includes Mubadala Investment Company have recently announced an agreement where they will be investing in Tata Power’s green subsidiary called the Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited. Both these companies will be investing about 40 billion rupees in equity or compulsorily convertible instruments for 10.53% stake in Tata Power renewables.

The proposed investment seems to be one of the most prosperous funds for Tata Power Renewable’s growth. What makes this more interesting for Avirahi City- Dholera SIR residential plots region is that the recently commissioned project will have a 300 MW solar power project in Dholera, Gujarat. This will be India’s largest single access solar tracker system and if done correctly this can generate over 774 million units annually.

Presently, Tata Power Renewable vertically integrated operations has about 4.9 GW of renewable energy assets. With this new agreement, the company is aiming to achieve a portfolio of more than 20 GW of renewable assets. In fact, it can soon become one of the top market options in the rooftop and electric vehicle charging space in India.

The CEO and managing director of Tata Power Company, Praveer Sinha said that this collaboration with Mubadala Investment Company and blackrock can provide exciting opportunities in the years to come. With this massive solar power project in Dholera, the demand for the Dholera SIR residential plots are bound to see a huge rise in the demand. The smart City project of Dholera Gujarat is blooming because it aims to be the first smart city in India. If you are planning to make an investment in the Dholera plot scheme, it is definitely one of the wisest real estate decisions. Situated in Ahmedabad district, Dholera residential plots have been one of the most promising investing options for businessmen across the country. The booking process at Dholera Smart City plot is simple and you would not like to miss the moment as the prices are getting real high.

Given the exciting employment and investment opportunities like the collaboration of Tata Power with these two corporate behemoths, Dholera is soon going to be one of the primary choices for millennials. The first quarter of 2022 saw about $7.5 million investment in the solar sector globally and as the concern for saving the environment is rising, the demand for renewable energy is bound to grow.

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