Boosting Economic Growth by Initiating Smart Industrial Cities

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Calendar 28 Aug,2018 | Avirahi Group

World population is increasing at an alarming rate. Moreover, they are increasingly shifting to the urban areas in search of better facilities. Statistics say that almost 55 percent of the world’s population are found settled in the urban areas and the percentage is expected to go up by 68 percent around 2050. By the year, India is expected to add 416 million people to its urban population. In this case, it is quite sure that India will be facing challenges in meeting the requirements of the growing population.

This reason is ample to embrace the smart city concept which would create proficient and favorable relationships among technology, available resources, community services and happenings in the urban society. Smart cities are also expected to leverage technological advancements.

It is said that a smart industrial city is capable of propelling economic growth and drive rapidly towards progress. There is a positive impact of the advanced technologies in both industrial and economic development as they ensure economically sustainable infrastructure along with transparent, interactive and responsive public services. Smart city promises to improve the quality of life totally. Thus, both citizens are businesses get attracted to become a part of the city.

Well, if you are expecting a shift of paradigm with the introduction of a smart city, then you are wrong. A smart city can only contribute to the economic growth of a country when it engages with the stakeholders. Next, it requires administrators carefully pondering over public-private partnerships, citizen input and participation, open data policies, etc. Consequently, cities need to harness urban intelligence in real-time so as to influence all requirements easily.

Currently, in India, Dholera Smart City is getting its shape as an answer to the rapid urbanization challenge in the country. The Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is situated 100 km south of Ahmedabad measuring approximately 920 sq. km. government is speculating that the smart city in India, Dholera will attract business investors from around the world. They would be urged to start manufacturing units both for Indian and foreign markets. The city expects to accommodate a 2 million population by the end of 2050.

The smart city will have everything that one needs in their community, from marketplaces, schools, to open spaces for walking and cycling. All in all, this smart city will turn into space where the urbanized lot can grow and develop harmoniously with nature.

Why choose Avirahi City at Dholera for residential plots investments?

Why choose Avirahi City?

The driving force behind the development of Dholera SIR project is of Avirahi. They promise to make a intelligent urban choice for your future state-of-the-art facilities in the city and further making it the first smart city of India. So, if you are thinking of choosing Avirahi city you will be making smart and profitable choice for your residential or commercial needs.

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