China Industrial Park Planned in Dholera, Gujarat — A Rs. 10,500 Crore MOU Signed

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Calendar 24 Oct,2019 | Avirahi Group

There is no better time to purchase Dholera Sir residential plots than now. Dholera Town in Ahmedabad District, Gujarat got another feather in its cap. Being one of the first smart cities in Gujarat, Dholera Sir has a lot to offer to its residents. 

If you are still contemplating if it is a good idea to purchase Dholera residential plots, do not wait too long. On 30th September, two MOUs have been signed. indextb, a government arm of Gujarat signed them with CASME. Now, these documents are signed in the presence of the Honorary Cheif Minister of Gujarat Rupani and Chief Secretary Dr. JN Singh. Weidong Yin, Vice President of CASME is also present for this historical event. 

SPV or Special Purpose Vehicle, Dholaera Industrial City Development Ltd of Dholera Special Investment Region worked hard to get these two MOUs signed. CASME is going to set-up in Dholera Sir an Industrial Park with all the necessary amenities. 

This proposed park will ensure the premises is free from pollution and provides high-end industrial units that will set up there. Around 15,000 youth are going to benefit from it through employment both directly and indirectly. If you are planning for a good career, choose to buy Dholera Sir residential plots

Investing in Dholera residential plots will ensure that your children choose a career path that is best. Looking at all these things, it only seems this is just the beginning of a wonderful era in Gujarat. 

Why Select Avirahi City

Dholera is the first smart city in India. If you seriously want to purchase residential plots in Dholera Sir, you should handpick Avirahi City. The houses and the villas in this place have all the amenities that you would desire for and there are all kinds of transportation that are available. 

You are going to have a comfortable life in this beautiful city. Contact us immediately to understand more about the project and how you can quickly own an excellent house that is of Urban Metro Style. Call us on – 918291289989 / 918291289988 or email us –

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