Companies show interest to invest in Dholera SIR under PLI Scheme

Companies show interest to invest in Dholera SIR under PLI Scheme
Calendar 11 Jul,2022 | Avirahi Group

The largest greenfield smart city in India is being created in Dholera, which is around 100 kilometres south of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, as part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. In the next 30 years, 920 km of Dholera, the biggest land parcel in South East Asia, will be developed. This makes it the perfect manufacturing hub for the industries as well as for the residential projects in Dholera SIR and because of its popularity in India and across the world, the Dholera smart city plot price has started to rise sharply because everyone seems to be interested to invest in the special investment region.

An activation area that serves as a catalyst for the development of the area has been found to help Dholera’s growth. The activation area is around 22.5 square kilometres and includes roughly 72 kilometres of roads. The land use has been beautifully optimised by adopting residential, commercial, recreational, and tourism in the right amounts. As our PM hopes to create many more smart cities like Dholera in the future, such a unique city with top-notch services and facilities is undoubtedly an example for the nation.

Different companies showing interest under PLI Scheme

The first greenfield industrial smart city being created in India, Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), has seen a surge in the number of businesses that have filed for Product Link Incentive (PLI) programmes. Dholera SIR is located close to Ahmedabad. Many businesses that filed for PLI schemes have expressed interest in investing in this unique location since the infrastructure for two of the total 23 town planning (TP) schemes of Dholera SIR has been finished, and the essential infrastructure for industries is in place.

Two companies namely Tata Power and Tata Chemicals, that are already part of the Tata Group, are establishing themselves at Dholera. Tata Power has really started a 300 MW solar energy plant here. For the upcoming DSIR projects, Torrent Electricity Limited has purchased the power distribution rights. Apart from that, additional solar panel manufacturing facilities are being built as well which shows the future potential of these projects that will be established in Dholera

In the next five years, Dholera SIR, which spans 922 sq km and is now undergoing development, will have good rail, road, and air connectivity, and DICDL has a sizable landholding to offer large companies with cutting-edge facilities. The remaining 422 square kilometres, or about 15% of the entire area of 922 square kilometres, will be used for commercial purposes and fall within the coastal management zone, totaling 340 square kilometres. With such amazing and modern facilities being given to the companies, there is no reason why companies would not want to invest in Dholera SIR projects. Owing to the increased commercial investment, Dholera SIR residential plots prices have already started to increase

Other reasons for companies to invest in Dholera SIR

The centre of the future DSIR, which spans 22.5 sq km and a few TP schemes, is completely developed. A business & exhibition centre and a banquet hall are available in the Administrative Cum Business Centre for Dholera Smart City . Additionally, a 20 million litre per day Common Effluent Treatment Plant, inner highways, and a network of canals are also in use.

In reality, the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit and the Defence Expo were to have focused on DSIR, but the COVID-19 outbreak forced the cancellation of both events. Now, the focus is on the advanced agro-processing industries, data centres, the defence sector, solar panel manufacturers, the automotive and auto ancillary sectors, and so on.

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