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Gujarat is the most potential state in terms of innovation and implementation of infrastructure companies and for investors who are ready to grow its business to its full potential. Dholera with its huge capacity of undertaking new projects offers a plethora of opportunities and world-class amenities. 

Dholera is about to emerge as one of the best and resourceful smart cities in the next upcoming years. This developing city sets a benchmark for many sectors such as pharmaceutical, jewellery, chemical and petroleum, automobile, textile, etc., and also contributes to becoming a global giant as the state government potentially tries to provide all strength in scaling up mechanism and dynamic manufacturing ecosystem.

The city is planning to become the hub for all investors as it has what it requires to provide strength and support 24×7 not only as in opportunities wise but fulfilling basic requirements such as electricity, underground drainage ducts, water supply, roads, highways and proper connectivity not only within the city but also outside. 

The Central Government has allowed it to start the project of developing future infrastructure by granting the state 3000 cores, out of which 2800 crore is awarded for setting up industries at site. For investors who were planning to set up a plant and developing infrastructure for residential purpose or commercial use in Dholera, do it now, as the Dholera smart city is blooming with opportunities by deploying and adopting advanced technology, thus, creating an efficient and sustainable eco-friendly industrial environment. 

Dholera Authority has already taken responsibility to plan and develop DHOLERA SIR and assure the administration of the land to function properly for investors and realtors to establish, facilitate and implement the new projects. There are huge residential plots in Dholera smart city with complete connectivity not only for people within the city but easy transportation to other countries with the recent construction taking place of Dholera International Airport. 

Why should one invest in residential plots of DHOLERA SIR? Is because of the following important reasons: The project is controlled and managed by the AECOM company in the USA. This is the first modern and largest greenfield city working with advanced and high technology to make it prominent to consider for future investors. One can have access to Asia’s largest International Airport that encapsulates international, domestic, Cargo, MRO services that are spread covering land over 4000 square kilometres. The city has the fastest metro service that everyone can have access to and move from one place to another without falling into the trap of traffic on the road. Dholera smart city also provides 5000 megawatt energy from solar plants. Car manufacturing and steel manufacturing units set-up – one of the biggest investments makes Dholera smart enough to stay on top of other cities in India. 

DHOLERA SIR residential plots are one of the most reliable and smartest forms of investment for investors who want to create assets that stay with them in the long run and secure one’s future considering reasons behind that justify your investment in Dholera SIR residential plots. 

Dholera, from the past 6 years, handled in setting up residential, commercial and industrial projects with its most advanced and innovative technology. And with its upcoming plans and schemes, the State Government will focus on developing Dholera, a successful smart industrial city. If you are keen on getting for yourself the best then this might build for you! 

I hope this blog helped you in many ways and in understanding the facts of why Dholera is a prominent model for the success of industrial smart cities in India.

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