Dholera SIR Development-Everything is Pre-Planned.

Dholera SIR Development-Everything is Pre-Planned.
Calendar 22 Apr,2016 | Avirahi Group

Dholera SIR Development authority has shaken hands with the town planning, urbanization and architectural expert in order to shape the first smart city of India. This project is expected to complete in the year of 2019. According to the trade pundits, it is the best time to invest here, because in future it will be tough to make to the list of investors. People are already showing interest in the properties. This project is not just a construction, but an infrastructure that facilitates with;

  •   Industrial and Residential Space-separate
  •   Consultation
  •   Special Economic Zone
  •   Investment Management
  •   Solar Power plant

The reason this city has received so many positive reviews till date is because of its infrastructure and planning. It looks after the issues that a common man always aspires of when relocating in the big town. He or she expects a few common issues are looked after by the authorities and the individual gets maximum quality lifestyle. These issues are;

✔ 24*7 Electricity

✔ 24*7 Water

✔ Water Drainage

✔ Quality Roads

✔ Good Transportation Services

✔ Water harvesting

✔ Nearby Healthcare

✔ Nearby Restaurants

✔ Entertainment

✔ Scope of Commercial Growth

✔ Fun Filled Weekends

✔ Other Hospitalities

✔ Much More

In order to fulfil all these requirements and avoid single point of mistake a set of people have been appointed to monitor the swift running. They are called, State-of-the-Art technology. The entire structure of the city is pre-planned, nothing is created off the reel. There will be a huge difference between the urban lifestyle and the smart city, where in urban living, the issues are resolved only after they are cropping up, in case of the smart city risk planning is done in prior and all the potential risks and issues are already considered and resolved.

This city and all the other upcoming smart cities are the future of Indian Economy. Dholera Development will give the jobs to many, and open the scope of many fields. The entire city will have ICT (Information and Communication Technology) spread over to control and monitor solid waste management, water management and electricity management, and all those issues that has potential to jam daily activities of a normal life.

Why One Must Trust This project?

Avirahi City Dholera





The honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi has said in his recent speech that Dholera SIR project was in his mind since he was the CM of Gujarat.

✔ It will be two times bigger than the size of Delhi and 6 times bigger than the size of Shanghai.

✔ This is the first project in India.

✔ According to Forbes, it is one of the top 12 cities in the world growing so fast.

✔ The connectivity to all the modes of transportation, like, rail, road, express highway, international airport, metro and port is excellent. They all have collectively link to the city and the national and global front.

✔ The top smart investors have already started showing their interest in the project, the value of land and properties are likely to be increase any time sooner, and according to the trade pundits, it is the best time to invest and own a piece.

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