Dholera SIR Soon To Start Allocating Industrial Lands

06 Aug,2016 | Avirahi Group

For an overview, Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) is soon to be one of its kind of a landmark to be known as a first smart city of India. It will be in action from 2019. Since the Wipro has taken the contract of ICT, the expectation bar has been raised. All the senior authorities of DMICDC have a keen eye on the development process at the site.

According to the Government officials, the Dholera authorities are looking for some big industries that prove to be good investors in Dholera SIR Project and other three Industrial cities. However, they are open for all sizes of industries. The land allocation is likely to start from October month this year.

Out of the four big industrial cities across the nation, Dholera SIR (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) is one. Other states are Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Chief Executive officer and Managing Director of DMIC Corporation limited said that the land pricing in Gujarat has been finalized recently along with the disposal policies. The next state to learn the pricing policies will be Maharashtra. In a week’s time, it will be officially declared. UP and MP will be learning it within this month. We are expecting to start allocating the land in these areas in between September to October.

In this faster communication era, we are providing a provision to apply online and request for the land. The detailed layout plan is already ready and people soon can come online start applying for their favorite land.

However, finalizing a land online is a matter of confusion, so here is the good news. People can search for their land on the Google maps and find all the important information about it.-he added.

People who still think that whether the land in Dholera SIR Project and other three cities are out of any lawsuit then the good news is that all the lands we are providing for allocating are free of any litigation.

We are looking for some big industries to invest in the lands but we are not in a favor of highly polluting factories. Our first motto is to provide a clean and healthy lifestyle and environment to our residents and we are taking this parameter very seriously.

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Avirahi has always come up with the interesting and beneficial projects till date. With a rich experience of 22 years, they have become one of the most reputable Real Estate Companies in India. They have expanded their business to Gujarat, Dholera SIR Project and to offer interesting Residential Projects in Dholera Sir and land as per the buyer’s choice and requirement. All the lands are litigation free. Visit their website https://www.avirahi.com/dholera-residential-plots.html to learn about the layout plan of the land.





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