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Calendar 04 Apr,2016 | Avirahi Group

Since the two new projects in Gujarat received a green flag from the ministry, especially Dholera SIR. Well, as on to the matter of completion, we do not have information yet, but can give you Dholera SIR latest news.

The nation’s first smart city and its first project to be shaped at Dholera SIR, also known as Special Investment Region, is one of the two major projects are likely to get expected budget presented by the Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley recently.

Apart from complimenting the idea, he presented the entire roadmap of the project, which was promising and deserved to get financial boost. The Gujarat Government was pursuing these projects for quit a long time.

Along with the Dholera Sir Project in the county he mentioned Ahmedabad-Dholera Investment is making a good progress and ready to set up basic infrastructure. Not only this, he was precise with his words and gave a ballpark figure of 1,200 Crore INR required for the current year and said if everything works well according to the expectations, additional funds will be allotted.

The initial infrastructure will be done on 22.5 square Km, which will also play the role of activator for upcoming investments. There are going to be various sub projects under the activation area of 72 Kms. Only the 14,000 square meters of area (Phase I) will have Dholera SIR administrative and business area, which will include,

1. Roads,
2. Utility Service,
3. Potable water supply,
4. Desalination plant,
5. Waste water treatment plant,
6. 430 MW of power infrastructure,
7. Information and Communication Technology.

Also, there will be 6 sections (Town Planning) under the 920 square kilometers.

The layout plan is divided in three sections, they are as above;

Exclusive Common Infrastructure which will have street lights, Rain Water harvesting and Pipeline system.

Premium Attractions will include Restaurant, wedding hall, grocery stores, shopping malls and other services.

Gaming galore is dedicated to active and sport lovers, which will have almost all types of outdoor and indoor game facilities.


Introducing Avirahi City Dholera

You must visit their website for Dholera Sir Residential PlotsThere is much more to explore about this project. The city is located near to all the important destinations, like, Sea, Airport, and Highways. You can also send in your enquiry to avirahicity@gmail.com.

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