Green Signal to Ahmedabad-Dholera SIR Monorail Project

Green Signal to Ahmedabad-Dholera SIR Monorail Project
Calendar 11 Feb,2021 | Avirahi Group

After a considerable delay, finally the Green signal has been given to the Ahmedabad-Dholera SIR monorail project in Gujarat. It is the state’s first monorail project for which the Government of Gujarat has approved 6000 crores for the Mass Rapid Transit System. Since Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) is already the investment hub of Gujarat for both residents and businessmen, the monorail project in this region will definitely increase Dholera Smart City Plot Price. As soon as the work commences, the project is expected to complete in 24 to 36 months which is very fast.

According to the sources, finalisation of routes, alignment and other plans have already been approved by both state and the central government. Apart from that the land acquisition in the Ahmedabad-Dholera expressway has been completed and the project might start anytime sooner. If you are thinking to invest in the Dholera Residential Plots, this is the perfect time as you won’t get to see the current price of the residential ever again in future.

About the Monorail Project

The monorail will be an elevated structure that will run parallel to the Ahmedabad-Dholera expressway and people who will have residential or commercial plots near these regions will be immensely benefited from this project. As per the approved plan, a total of seven stations have been approved out of which six will be elevated and one will be on the land. The project is expected to start in the next 2 to 3 months and will be completed in 24 to 36 months. After the announcement of the monorail project, there has been a considerable increase in the Dholera Plot Booking as people have immediately realised the demand of land in future.

Effect of Monorail in Dholera SIR Plots

As we already know that the Special Investment Region in Dholera has been developed with the intention of investments from around the country and across the world, the Ahmedabad -Dholera expressway is being developed in the same way. Everything in and around the expressway is developed in such a way so as to give the investors world class facilities and services. Whether it is Residential Projects Dholera or commercial projects, everything will see a huge price rise in the near future with the introduction of monorail project. Once the project is completed, you will not get a residential Plot For Sale in Dholera as everything will be booked in advance and there will be no land left.

Keeping the future growth and development in mind, big investors have already invested a large amount of money in both residential and commercial plots in Dholera SIR and after the announcement of the monorail project, people have started contacting the Avirahi Group more regarding queries for plots. International schools, shopping malls, world class hospitals, rail and air connectivity is attracting people to invest in residential plots in Dholera SIR while corporate offices, shopping complexes and other businesses are attracting commercial investors. Dholera SIR will soon be the next metropolitan of India so do not waste time anymore and start investing the plots of this beautiful special investment region.

Why Choose Avirahi?

Why Choose Avirahi?

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