Gujarat most likely going to be the hub for Airbus-Tata Aircraft Manufacturing Facility

Gujarat most likely going to be the hub for Airbus-Tata Aircraft Manufacturing Facility
Calendar 17 Feb,2022 | Avirahi Group

According to reliable sources, India’s first private sector aircraft manufacturing facility and its supporting industrial ecosystem will most likely be situated in Gujarat’s Dholera Special Investment Region. Dholera, roughly 100 kilometres south-west of Ahmedabad, is being developed as a significant node on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

This will be the first private-sector ‘Make in India’ aerospace programme, encompassing the construction of a whole industrial ecosystem from manufacturing to assembly, testing and qualification, delivery, and maintenance over the aircraft’s entire life cycle. If this works out as planned, the dholera smart city plot price will see a change given the importance it will have in the making of a developed region. Although Avirahi city dholera projects are underway, with this huge contract in place, the place will undeniably be one of the finest places in Gujarat. 

As per the talks, Airbus will manufacture 40 C-295MW military transport in India in partnership with an Indian consortium led by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)  and it will be a $2.8 Billion contract with India’s Ministry of Defence. Airbus

Defence & Space is obligated under a concurrent offsets contract to obtain equipment and systems from Indian partners for 30% of the value of the C-295MW contract. The Indian offsets partners’ manufacturing facilities are also likely to be co-located at Dholera.

This complex could be the centrepiece of the Dholera Special Investment Region’s Aviation Zone and MRO Hub, which is being built next to a greenfield international airport that is now under construction. The Aviation Zone’s concept includes an aviation academy, flight training institute, and MRO facilities for airframes, engines, and C&D tests, in addition to manufacturing units.

CEO of Airbus Defence and Space Michael Schoellhorn said that this ”will support the further development of India’s aerospace ecosystem, bringing investment and 15,000 skilled direct jobs and 10,000 indirect positions over the coming 10 years.”

Considering a Place in Dholera?

The real estate in Dholera is booming and given the new developments in the region, the demand for dholera sir residential plots are seeing a huge rise. 

The place has already grabbed attention from the major investors of the country and with one mammoth project like Airbus-Tata complex, it is most likely to get more attention from other investors. Avirahi Group is working on a number of residential projects in Dholera Sir and if you are looking for the right time to buy Dholera residential plots, it is now. The booking process is seamless and transparent that will make the investment simpler and fruitful. As the demand for the region is growing faster, you might not want to miss out on the opportunity. 

The residential projects from Avirahi Group in Dholera is directly accessible from the existing highway, proposed expressway, metro railway station and the airport. With the right connectivity to the rest of the state and country, your stay will become more comfortable than ever. 

You can find out more about the price, layout plans and upcoming projects from Avirahi Group website.

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