Gujarat’s First Vande Metro Will Connect Ahmedabad to Dholera

Gujarat’s First Vande Metro Will Connect Ahmedabad to Dholera
Calendar 13 Jun,2024 | Avirahi Group

The special investment region in Dholera Gujarat has been in news since it has been announced as India’s first smart city with world class facilities and state of the art infrastructure. Purchasing land or making an investment in Dholera SIR has become a dream of every investor in India and across the world as it could prove to be a very profitable move for you in the future. Since the prices of dholera SIR residential plots are growing every day, it is now the best time to start investing in them so that you can reap the benefits later. Dholera real estate is growing right now since it is India’s first smart city project.

According to the government’s goals, the Dholera project will be equipped with cutting-edge amenities that are sure to catch the attention of visitors from all over the world. Dholera SIR is currently the country’s most attractive place for investment as well as for residential purposes. Another news that has been announced recently will make you more and more interested to invest in Dholera SIR.

News you all had been waiting for

The first Vande Metro train in Gujarat is set to launch when the Metro Rail Corporation launches a service between Ahmedabad and Dholera. For the project, a feasibility study is presently being conducted. The Center intends to operate a metro train in order to improve connectivity to Dholera. Metro connectivity is available up to 100 kilometers with the Vande Metro service. A senior government official told Mirror that Dholera falls within the radius and that metro connectivity will accelerate the area’s growth.

With more than 100 small and large firms setting up shop, Dholera is quickly becoming a significant industrial hub. Notably, US corporation Micron is establishing its facility in Dholera, while Tata has revealed plans to build a semiconductor chip manufacturing in the area.

Metro connectivity will boost fast and efficient travel

There will be fewer stations and faster speeds on the Vande Metro. In order to keep the train moving quickly between Ahmedabad and Dholera, there probably won’t be more than four stations. Less speed equals more stations, the official said. Since Dholera will be a city of one of its kind, smooth connectivity between stations would not only save a lot of time of the commuters but will also help them to reach places that will boost trading and business.

Infrastructure development

The Ministry of Railways has received the train proposal, and a feasibility report is currently being prepared. Dholera’s development depends on the construction of social and other facilities. The influx of several international corporations will necessitate better services and connectivity for employees.

The state government is working on building airports and other transportation facilities, which should be finished by the end of the year. The official further stated that it is expected that schools, hospitals, hotels, and other essential services will soon be established.

About Avirahi City in Dholera SIR

Avirahi City has been one of the most fascinating projects in Dholera SIR with more than 1500 happy customers who have booked properties. With more than 1900 houses and villas, Avirahi city is offering excellent infrastructure with properties starting from 5 lakhs onwards which is extremely affordable and one of the major reasons why people are booking their dream properties extensively. Dholera plot booking has seen massive rise and with this news of Vande Metro, it is expected to rise more. So, you must book your property as soon as possible. For more information, visit Avirahi’s Wesbite

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