Interest in Real Estate is Soaring High as Families Stay at Home During Lockdown

Calendar 29 May,2020 | Avirahi Group

COVID 19 or Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise at the beginning of the year. Various industries across the market did feel the effects of this deadly disease. Even real estate did not escape the clutches of this situation. Residential projects in Dholera Sir that are in progress did stop for some time during the lockdown.

How is the Interest in Buyers

Many experts thought that the sales of projects are going to drop drastically. The sales of residential projects Dholera, however, did not fall. It is surprising to note that the lockdown did not reduce the interest of the buyers. The best part is that a lot of non-resident Indians were showing interest in the Indian market. They want to invest their money to buy property here in India.

A lot of Indians came back to the country before the lockdown during February and March. And some of them may not have any interest to return. The best part is that since the dollar rate is high now, they also see an opportunity.

They feel it is the right time to invest in real estate if they want to get good returns down the lane. Interest rates did drop substantially, and for them, now is the time to buy a home.

Work From Home – The New Norm

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The first quarter of the year was not that beneficial for the Real Estate Industry. Neither will be the first quarter during this new financial year as well. But now everything is going in favor of this industry. A lot of companies these days want their employees to work from home, and this is going to continue until things fall in place.

As a result, people are in the lookout for homes that are apt for them. They are looking for larger homes that allow them to have enough space at home to work peacefully. The Residential projects in Dholera Sir are not only luxurious but are also suitable for people that work from home.

The lockdown experience has given people enough reasons for why they should be searching for better homes. People are not ready to compromise themselves when working for their house.

As a result, once things settle, in yet another 6 to 12 months, the real estate industry is going to bounce back strong. People are making decisions to buy a home as soon as possible.

The Future Is Bright

During the lockdown (forty days), they did sell only 3806 properties. The state only received a small amount for registrations. In a regular year, the state government can earn somewhere around 25,000 crores each year.

Now, this led to the state government to introduce online registration. State Governments across the country are expecting that this will not only boost the sales but will help in generating a lot of income.

While forecasting is merely impossible to do this at this point, the future of real estate is bright. It is going to bring high returns to people who are willing to invest.

Now, this is one reason why people should invest their money in something like the residential projects Dholera.

Why Choose Avirahi City

Avirahi City should be your first choice if you are planning to buy a residential plot in Dholera Sir. Dholera is the first smart city in the country. As such, it has some of the best amenities and facilities. Your life is going to comfortable when you pick a luxury plot from us.


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