Japanese Company to Set Up Hotel in Dholera

Japanese Company to Set Up Hotel in Dholera
Calendar 24 Jul,2023 | Avirahi Group

Step into the future of industrial brilliance with the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), a visionary Greenfield Industrial Hub strategically positioned approximately 100km south of Ahmedabad and 130km from the bustling state capital, Gandhinagar.

This trailblazing project with the dholera sir residential plots holds the distinction of being the pioneering initiative by the esteemed National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (NICDC). This area is all set to become a dynamic and progressive landscape, where industrial clusters and residential projects in dholera sir emerge along a linear zone within the influence area of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).

In essence, DSIR is more than just a project; it’s a symbol of innovation and progress, poised to redefine the very fabric of industrial growth in the region. Prepare to witness a remarkable tapestry of industrial prowess and economic advancement, as the grand vision of DSIR takes center stage on the canvas of India’s industrial landscape.

Now picture this – a vibrant and cutting-edge hotel nestled in the heart of Dhloera SIR, set to redefine the landscape of this thriving region! Hold on to your hats because the latest buzz is that a game-changing Japanese group is all set to make waves with their latest venture.

After a thrilling auction that took place on 19th July, Wednesday, Aju Ryokan NCR Pvt Ltd Won The E-Auction winning the bid to create a sprawling 12,095 sq.m. plot for their visionary project. Interestingly, this marks the very first time a plot has been exclusively allotted for a hospitality industry in this burgeoning locale, which has rapidly emerged as a magnet for business development.

So, what’s the story behind this groundbreaking endeavor? The spotlight shines on plot 307 (part) within the High Access Corridor Zone, nestled comfortably within the Activation Area (T.P. Scheme no. 2 A) of Dholera SIR. This prime real estate had the industry buzzing with anticipation, and the e-auction notice was met with a flurry of online applications. Amongst the contenders, three lucky ones were deemed eligible, paving the way for a fierce and spirited bidding battle.

Finally, the victory anthem rang loud and clear, with the coveted bid being secured by none other than the illustrious Aju Ryokan NCR Pvt. Ltd. Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this Japanese powerhouse has already left its indelible mark with thriving hotels in Vithalpur and Becharaji.

As the dust settles and the future beckons, all eyes are eagerly on this groundbreaking project that promises to take hospitality to new heights. The fusion of Japanese finesse and Dholera’s vibrant energy is sure to be a heady concoction, leaving travelers from all around the world eager to experience this alluring blend.

With regards to M/s Aju Ryokan NCR Pvt. Ltd., since its founding in 2007, the AJU Japanese hotel chain has grown to include establishments in Gurugram, Manesar, Neemrana, Ahmedabad, and Vithlapur, Gujarat. The Japanese Maruti Suzuki Ltd. representatives are already catered to in Mandal Becharaji.

In an official announcement, a high-ranking official from Dholera SIR said with pride and excitement, revealing a game-changing development in the realm of Social Infrastructure. With the resounding success of the E-Auction, a new chapter unfolds for Dholera, as it secures its very first investment in the illustrious hospitality industry.

As the official highlighted, Dholera SIR already boasts world-class infrastructure, with utilities that set the gold standard for excellence. This winning combination of top-tier amenities and a visionary hospitality landscape is a crucial catalyst for attracting diverse industries keen on establishing their manufacturing units within the region.

The competitive bidding process that brought about this historic investment also serves as a resounding vote of confidence for prospective investors. The wave of optimism and assurance it generates will undoubtedly fuel a surge of interest and drive further economic growth in Dholera.

He continued saying that’s not all! A staggering 228 acres of prime land within the SIR area have been dedicated exclusively to tourism and recreational activities. This strategic move is set to supercharge the region’s economic development, creating a ripple effect that amplifies the existing infrastructure, benefiting residents and businesses alike.

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