Joint Venture for Dholera Airport Starting In a Month!

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Calendar 14 Sep,2018 | Avirahi Group

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) was compelled to form a joint venture with the Dholera authorities in order to avail the land near the airport for the construction of a parallel runway. It is said that the joint venture will be formed by the end of this week or in the starting part of next week. This airport, primarily called the Ahmedabad Airport, when complete is estimated to take off a massive load from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI). The SVPI airport is currently known to be under massive pressure because of the increasing number of passengers it receives every passing day.

Guruprasad Mohapatra, the chairman of AAI said that the authority wants to construct a runway parallel to the Ahmedabad airport. This, they expect, would reduce the aircraft wait timing up to 5-7 minutes per aircraft. Therefore, the need for 65 acres has become a necessity of the hour. The proposed airport will be located in the northern part of Dholera SIR Project, also called Dholera Specific Investment Region, occupying more than 1426 hectares.

Guruprasad further added, Since Dholera is a promising project, we are eyeing on the same with the approval of civil aviation ministry too. We will be forming a joint venture with authorities soon.

Recently a source close to the department mentioned that Dholera being a little far away in distance from Ahmedabad, the authorities are thinking of operating the wide-bodied long-haul aircraft Airbus 380 in the area. There are also further plans for construction of two operational runways that would make handling the increased traffic easier. Consequently, one can expect several international airlines to expand their operations here in Gujarat.

This year proved to be a lucky one for the state aviation as five places including Sabarmati riverfront, Dharoi dam, Palitana, Tapi and Sardar Patel Statue have been found suitable for seaplane projects. Although everything would be finalized only after proper scrutiny has been carried out by the concerned authorities.

As the construction of a parallel runway is concerned, it would take away many houses, which are falling in the proximity of the airport. A troubled Sardarnagar resident informed that they have forwarded several petitions to the court over the years denying consent for the plan. They are not in favor of the plan as this would mean a lot of hardships and hassles for them. Already they claim to have faced a lot because of security issues, so they aren’t ready for yet another one which can cost their homes.

Why choose Avirahi?

Why choose Avirahi?

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