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For investors investing in properties is the smartest way. People find out many investment options for example gold, land, etc. But investing in a property can give you maximum benefits. However, spending money on any property is not enough. There are certain factors which need to be looked after before taking this big step. Getting basic features is an old story now. These days you can get more than just basic amenities that too in the just a bit higher price or same.

Dholera sir investment region is coming up with many attractive features. To know what they care the most, read below.


First of all, it is location. Does not matter how big or luxurious your house is, or in your budget. If that location has not anything else to offer you then it’s a waste. That location must offer basic facilities, such as school, grocery stores, dairy, hospital, ATM, bank etc.

Job Locality:

A mentioned in the earlier paragraph, choose a location which is near to your office. You will travel less to other places, but the office is something that you will have to go daily. Why make that daily journey so long. Take a house that is near to your office.

As on to the matter of Job and locality, Investment in Dholera Smart City will be the best idea. This city is coming up with many IT sectors and other job opportunities which will make any common man’s life easier than ever.

Healthy Environment:

These days, people now are very actively participating in keeping their cities clean. You just go out and throw any waste on the road and see the actions and reactions coming from the several people around you. You yourself feel humiliated. Everybody knows for longer and healthy life keeping the environment clean is a must. Find a place which gives you the real reason to live which is clean and has healthy nature.

Dholera SIR is one of the biggest projects India is about to see in the coming future. The implementation work on one of its parts has already been started and it is expected to be in operation from 2019. Many foreign clients and Indian expert investors have made an investment.

We would recommend you to go for a reputed real estate company to ensure your investment turns out to be a benefit and not vain.

Who to Believe?

Avirahi City Dholera SIR

Avirahi is the real estate brand you should believe when it comes to purchasing a property in this smart city. It is just not a company but a brand which has delivered many successful projects in one of the most prime cities in India-Mumbai. You can visit the website and see the success stories they have built. Visit

Avirahi City at Dholera SIR has following great offers for dholera sir residential plots.

1) Attractive Discounts

2) Flexible Payment Schemes

3) One of the most well planned and ultra modern Dholera Residential Project from a reputed developer who has a proven track record of 22 years.

4) Privilege to the plot buyer for selection of type of residential structure he wants to build.

5) Full liberty to the plot buyer of getting plot developed with Villa or Building from the developer or by themselves. Full Freedom 🙂 and ease of doing business!

6) Full Assistance in setting up the residential elevation, planning, and designing of the dream home for the plot buyer from in-house team of architects and designers.

7) Current FSI is 1.2 , with a potential of getting it increased up to 1.8 in near future.

8) NA . NOC , Title – Clear Paperwork.

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