Phase I Of New Greenfield Airport in Dholera Gets Cabinet Approval

Phase I Of New Greenfield Airport in Dholera Gets Cabinet Approval
Calendar 20 Jun,2022 | Avirahi Group

Since the Government has decided to make Dholera SIR the business hub of the country, people from India and across the world have started to show interest in investing in Dholera SIR residential plots as well as commercial spaces. Now, the news which has come recently will increase the interest of the investors further. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the proposal for development of Phase I of New Greenfield Airport in Dholera, Gujarat at an estimated cost of Rs. 1305 crore, to be completed within 48 months. The project is being developed by Dholera International Airport Company Limited (DIACL), which is a Joint Venture Company comprising Airports Authority of India (AAI), Government of Gujarat (GoG) and National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust.

Importance of Dholera Airport

Dholera Airport is to get Passenger and Cargo traffic from Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) and is expected to become a major cargo hub to serve the industrial region. This Airport will also cater to the nearby region and serve as a second airport to Ahmedabad. The New Greenfield Airport at Dholera is situated at an aerial distance of 80 Km from Ahmedabad Airport. The Airport is planned for operationalization from the year 2025-26 and initial passenger traffic is estimated to be 3 lakh passengers per annum, expected to grow to 23 lakh over a period of 20 years. The annual cargo traffic is also estimated from the year 2025-26 at 20,000 tonnes, which would increase to 2,73,000 tonnes over a period of 20 years.

This approval means a lot to the already invested investors as well as for the people who were thinking to invest in the special investment region in Dholera. Dholera Airport will not only connect the special investment region to other parts of the country but will also connect the world in future which will enhance business and investment from other parts of the world to India which will have a direct positive impact on the Indian economy. This will see a sharp rise in the Dholera smart city plot price in future as more and more people from all parts of the country and the world would be interested to invest money in residential and commercial plots.

How Will the Upcoming Airport Project Benefit Avirahi City?

Avirahi City is one of the most popular projects in Dholera SIR where people have been investing a lot for quite a few months. The COVID-19 lockdown period for India is almost over now and when the economy is coming back on track, people are looking for new destinations to invest their money. The upcoming international airport will be a huge advantage for the aerospace, defence and manufacturing industries looking to settle in Dholera and also for the people who are planning to invest in Residential projects in Dholera SIR.

The Avirahi Group is selling residential as well as commercial plots in Dholera at the best possible price and this is the golden opportunity to invest and rest assured that your coming generation will thank you for this investment. Plot booking in Avirahi City is seeing a rise every day so make sure to start your investments as soon as possible to make the most of this development phase or else you will definitely regret it later.

Avirahi City is a fabulous place for investment as well as residential purposes which is why it is in high demand already. The cabinet approval for the Dholera Airport will make it even more popular now.

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