‘Smart GIDC’ To Come Up At Dholera SIR

200000 Crore To Construct Highways and Ports Near Dholera SIR
Calendar 13 Jul,2018 | Avirahi Group

We have been constantly informed over the part that Dholera would become a developed Dholera smart city soon. Now, we are getting to hear that the development is at its peak, as the government is planning to erect a next-generation industrial estate in the Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) project.

The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) would be responsible for developing this industrial estate. This would be known as Smart GIDC within Dholera SIR and would be effective to attract the Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The Smart GIDC would be launched soon and the use of digital technology is planned to ensure all utility operations run smoothly and effectively.

According to Mr. D. Thara , Vice- Chairman and Managing Director of GIDC, the Smart GIDC concept will control utility operations like water, drainage, electricity, gas supply, etc. using a digital platform. A common duct will be there to pass all these connections. a unit will be required here to plug in and connect. The whole system would also consist of remote digital monitoring.

Thara added as the project will be spread across 200 hectares of area, so it will aim at benefitting the MSME units by providing plots at really affordable costs. Thus, the development at Dholera is expected to trigger furthermore. He also informed that the Dholera SIR Development Authority has earmarked the land already. Possessions are expected to start for GIDC anytime within a month.

The Dholera real estate news suggests that the infrastructure work will start only after the possession of the land. The Smart GIDC is a multi-product devoid of chemical units. Additionally, Vice- Chairman and Managing Director of GIDC added, The marketing of the plots will begin after six months.

The best part is that Smart GIDC has already started receiving a great deal of response from small businesses. Thara informed that they are getting very good initial response. She also added that the Smart GIDC will be different from the other 16 new GIDCs that the Chief Minister has already announced earlier.

GIDC has been the driving force behind industrial development. It is very much evident that the Gujarat government with the support from GIDC estate is keen to push the development at Dholera SIR far and wide.

Why Choose Avirahi Dholera Smart City Project on Dholera Highway and Metro-Line ?

Why Choose Avirahi?

  • Best Location at Dholera SIR – conveniently location at Dholera SIR and New Ahmedabad ( Dholera ) Airport. Direct connectivity to existing highway and proposed expressway.
  • Rapid Development Progress – Avirahi Dholera Smart city is the most developed site at the moment at Dholera with great amount of infrastructure and amenities being already developed and more in progress.
  • Only site at Dholera recognized by govt. Of gujarat – Avirahi Dholera Smart City is the only site to be recognized by “Summit of Success” list of highly successful projects in Gujarat by Govt. Of Gujarat in 2017.

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