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Calender 14 Sep,2018 | Avirahi Group

Joint Venture for Dholera Airport Starting In a Month!

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) was compelled to form a joint venture with the Dholera authorities in order to avail the land near the airport for the construction of a parallel runway. It is said that the joint venture will be formed by the end of this week or in the starting part ofaaa...[READ MORE ]

Calender 08 Dec,2017 | Avirahi Group

Big Home Loans Boosts to Increase Housing Demand in India, Here’s why

The Narendra Modi government last week announced that home loans are all set to become cost-effective. This indicates that the middle-class people will now be able to apply for slightly bigger loans. The loans had earlier slowed own in its normal pace. There are several reasons behind the cause. Since then the consumers had beenaaa...[READ MORE ]

Calender 19 Nov,2016 | Avirahi Group

Dholera SIR Latest News: Among 3 Other Projects What Dholera SIR is Up To

People keep mailing, commenting and asking questions on the website about the Dholera SIR latest news. The thing is that government is not only looking for this project but 3 other projects as well. Let’s understand this by reading this article. Finally, the wait is over. DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai-Industrial-Corridor) is finally starting to allot the landaaa...[READ MORE ]

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