Vedanta and Foxconn Project Finalised for Dholera Industrial City

Vedanta and Foxconn Project Finalised for Dholera Industrial City
Calendar 19 Dec,2022 | Avirahi Group

Building an inclusive and sustainable city with a focus on people and their lives is the goal of the Dholera smart City Project. For many years to come, it will be a living and sustainable environment. The project location, which spans 11,000 hectares of land, is around 60 kilometres from Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city. Over 114 square kilometres would be used to build Dholera Smart City (roughly seven times the size of Singapore). The Dholera smart city project will be the first entirely integrated metropolis ever constructed. It will be in Gujarat, which is also one of the most major industrial projects in India, in the western region of the country. Because of the notable projects in the special investment region, Dholera SIR residential plots are in great demand already.

Salient features of Dholera Smart City

  • Dream Project that Mr. Narendra Modi had in mind while serving as Gujarat’s chief minister.
  • To be built in an area that will be twice as big as Delhi and six times as big as Shanghai.
  • According to Forbes, one of the Top 12 fastest expanding cities worldwide and a unique city in India.
  • A Special Investment node along the DMIC route makes it a location for expedited trade and production.
  • Gujarat State Government and the Federal Government collaboratively work on development strategies.
  • Excellent communication between the city and the rest of the world via train, road, expressway, international airport, metro, and port.
  • The government has provided an initial capital of Rs. 3,000 crore, which would draw in FDI and private investors.
  • For retail and foreign investors, the availability of ample land at a reduced price makes it a compelling investment opportunity.
  • Because of its advantageous location, current prices, and government encouragement, it is the first choice for savvy investors.

Vedanta-Foxconn Semiconductor Fabs To Be Set Up In Dholera

For their plan to establish semiconductor Fabs in India, Vedanta and Foxconn have settled on Dholera Industrial City. Telangana, Gujarat, and Maharashtra were previously suggested as potential locations by the joint venture between Vedanta and Foxconn under the Scheme for building up of semiconductor Fabs in India. However, the applicants stated in their final filings that they had ultimately elected to locate their plan in Dholera Industrial City, Gujarat, and had produced a legally binding agreement as well as government instructions from the Government of Gujarat outlining the specifics of State support. This great news will definitely increase Dholera SIR residential plots price
The offer is for UnderWater Subsidy at Rs. 12/m3 for a period of five years beginning on the day when commercial operations begin. For the following five years, there will be an annual 10% rise in the water tariff. Additionally, the government will offer a capital subsidy of 50% of the plant cost, excluding the cost of land, for the captive desalination plant in order to build one during the first five years. The JV will receive a 75% subsidy on the first 200 acres of land needed for the semiconductor fab project. Any extra land needed for the project’s main operations will be offered with a 50% subsidy.
Additionally, the project will get a one-time refund of 100% of the stamp duty and registration charge it was required to pay the government in order to lease, sell, or transfer the property for the project. The Program for Development of Semiconductor and Display Ecosystem in India’s programmes are run by the central government. Any qualified applicant may submit an application for the establishment of a semiconductor fabrication facility in any Indian State or UT.


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