Why is Dholera the Most Preferred Choice For the Investors Currently?

Why is Dholera the Most Preferred Choice For the Investors Currently?
Calendar 12 Feb,2021 | Avirahi Group

Dholera near Ahmedabad in Gujarat has been the talk of the town in recent times due to its immense development plans for the future approved by the Government of Gujarat and India. Dholera has been developed as a special investment region by the government and seeing the immense investment opportunities, corporates from India and around the world have been investing in big numbers in Dholera making it one of the best investment locations in India currently. Dholera Smart City Plot Price has been rising continuously owing to the development and new projects like 6 lane expressway, Ahmedabad Monorail Project etc. This vibrant economic corridor has been attracting people interested to buy residential plots too as the whole region is equipped with world class facilities and infrastructure.

Gujarat is one of the most dynamic and the fastest growing states in India and the Chief Minister of the state Hon. Vijay Rupani has said that the strategic location of Dholera will act as a catalyst in the development of Gujarat. He also said “Dholera’s seamless connectivity with the upcoming six lane access-controlled expressway, metro rail transit system, common corridor and International airport makes it a preferred destination for the Aero & Defence manufacturing cluster”

What is So Special About Dholera?

Dholera is located around 100 Kms south of Ahmedabad in Gujarat and is India’s largest Greenfield smart city being built under the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor. Dholera is the largest land parcel in South East Asia which will be developed across 920 kms in the next 30 years. This makes it the perfect manufacturing hub for the industries as well as for the Residential Projects Dholera.

To enhance the development of Dholera, an activation area has been identified which acts as a catalyst in the development of the region. The activation area is spread across an area of approximately 22.5 Sq.kms which has nearly 72 kms of road and the land usage has been optimised amazingly well by implementing residential, commercial, recreational as well as tourism in perfect quantities. The upcoming Dholera International Airport Project consisting of cargo terminal with two runways is an indication of the immense commercial investment opportunity which can be seen in the future. Due to the increase in commercial demand, the price of Dholera Residential Plots are seeing an up move too.

Why Should You Invest in Dholera

As discussed above, Dholera is going to be one of its kind smart city in India in future and the way the things are planned and developed under the guidance of the Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you will never be able to see the current price of the plots and commercial complexes in future again. People have already realised the potential of the special investment region in Dholera which is why Dholera Plot Booking has seen an immense growth since the last few months since the lockdown was opened in Gujarat. The Avirahi Group is selling residential as well as commercial plots in Dholera at the best possible price and this is the golden opportunity to invest and rest assured that your coming generation will thank you for this investment.

Why Choose Avirahi?

Why Choose Avirahi?

  • Builder with ethics. That’s why we have 5 running sites in ongoing real estate slow down.
  • No Overtrading. Safe and Secure Investment.
  • All Projects RERA Approved.
  • Competitive Rate with best Quality.
  • Intelligently planned flats, shop and office layouts.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, profit is important but comes second.”Customer Bhagwan, Baki Sab Pakwan.”
  • Approachable !
  • 1000+ satisfied clients and pioneer ratings by customers.



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