Why Should You Invest in Avirahi Projects in Mumbai

Why should you invest in Avirahi projects in Mumbai
Calendar 17 Oct,2020 | Avirahi Group

Mumbai is the financial capital of India as well as a city where people come to fulfill all their dreams. People from small cities as well as from big cities come to Mumbai for business, jobs and also to try their luck in Bollywood. Once they come, the charm and the beauty of the city attracts them so much that they do not want to go back again. People work hard day and night to fulfill their dreams and want to own a house in Mumbai someday. People who are local residents of Mumbai also want to upgrade their houses and move to a nice new locality.

India is slowly recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic which started in March this year. Since the opening of the lockdown in June, a normalcy has restarted in the country which has shown a significant growth in the economy from June till September as compared to the economy which was from March till June. All real estate projects which were on hold due to the lockdown in Mumbai have restarted and people not only from Mumbai but also from outside Mumbai have started to show interest towards investing in properties

Increase in Property Sales in Mumbai

As we have already discussed that since the opening of lockdown in Mumbai, real estate projects have started to show significant growth, according to a data produced by the leading newspaper, the property sales in Mumbai rose to a huge 112% in the month of september as compared to the previous month. The government of Maharashtra has taken significant steps to improve the real estate sales one of which is cutting down the stamp duty fees payable on all sale transactions executed between 1st September 2020 to 31st December 2020. This step has done wonders to revive the sinking economy as well as the real estate business and now and it is expected that the revenue of around 1000 crore rupees will be back very soon as the uptrend in the real estate business is estimated to continue further

Not only property sales, Mumbai witnessed 3515 more properties rented as compared to previous month which shows that people are seriously considering and taking interest in real estate which is really a good sign.

Why Avirahi Group

  • Builder with ethics. That’s why we have 5 running sites in ongoing real estate slow down.
  • No Overtrading. Safe and Secure Investment.
  • All Projects RERA Approved.
  • Competitive Rate with best Quality.
  • Intelligently planned flats, shop and office layouts.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, profit is important but comes second.”Customer Bhagwan, Baki Sab Pakwan.”
  • Approachable !
  • 1000+ satisfied clients and pioneer ratings by customers.

Projects By Avirahi Group

Due to the hard hit economy and lockdown, the real estate prices have dipped recently and you must seriously consider to invest in them for a safe and secured future. The 3 BHK flat for sale in borivali west Mumbai is an amazing project by Avirahi with all the world class facilities and if you have a budget for a 3 BHK flat, you must not miss this great opportunity of investment. Apart from this, 1,2 BHK flat for sale in borivali west is for people with low budget or have a smaller family. These two projects are under initial phases now at very affordable properties and you can check more details about them on their website which is www.avirahi.com

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