Will Dholera Sir prove to be A Unique Solution to the World Climate Crisis?

Will Dholera Sir prove to be A Unique Solution to the World Climate Crisis
Calendar 13 Jun,2022 | Avirahi Group

Dholera Special Investment Region is considered to be the brainchild and ambition of PM Modi and the world class infrastructure which is getting established in Dholera will make each and every word spoken about PM Modi about Dholera, true in every sense. Prime Minister Narendra Modi just lately said that India should turn out to be a Internet Zero Emissions nation by 2070 and also said that our country has set a goal of Internet-Zero emission by 2070 which will definitely be achieved. Dholera SIR has been a special project not only for the people of Gujarat and India but for the entire world due to enormous investment opportunities which is why Dholera smart city plot price has been increasing every day.

A new type of migration will occur in the country. GenNext will relocate from a traditional city to a smart city, such as Dholera-SIR or a city similar to it, where they will have access to amenities and luxury, such as other world class cities.

PM Modi’s words

Here is what our Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi jee said. “To safeguard our farmers from the consequences of local weather change, we’re specialising in a mixture of back-to-basics and marching into the long run. Greater than 80% of the nation’s small farmers are in determined want of help. Pure farming and digital agriculture are the emphasis of the Union Funds 2022-23. We plan to extend the world used within the palm oil enterprise to six.5 lakh hectares within the subsequent a number of years. We’re concentrating on each meal and diet safety. Within the final seven years, we’ve produced a lot of bio-fortified varieties”

With the vision our PM is carrying for Dholera SIR, Residential projects in Dholera SIR are seeing new heights every day owing to its future potential and the Government’s support.

About Dholera SIR

India’s first Greenfield Industrial Metropolis is taking shape across 920 square kilometres in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This location, 72 kilometres from Ahmedabad and on the shores of Arab Sagar’s Cambay region, is ideal for port export. The commercial metropolitan region is formed out of twenty-two villages, with 510 square kilometres set aside for farming-related enterprises, to ensure industry-ecological stability. The town is constructed in such a way that it will be able to feed its people from the surrounding green space.

When we see how Dholera SIR is taking its shape and what our PM believes and thinks about this project, it gives us immense confidence to invest in the Dholera sir residential plots as well as corporate offices in the special investment region. Some of the world class facilities provided in Dholera SIR are as below

  • Dholera-SIR City will include the world’s largest specialised solar power park, with a capacity of 5000 MW.
  • The city will have four-way (road, rail, sea, and air) connections, as well as a specialised international seaport and airport to link with the rest of the country and the rest of the globe.
  • A self-sustaining city plan with twelve various land use zones meets all people’ needs, including food, employment, leisure, and all contemporary and smart living utilities.
  • A true Smart City concept, including smart infrastructure, smart utilities, smart technology, smart transportation, and smart connection.
  • The Special Economic Region will generate skilled employment with the purpose and objective of creating 8 lakh skilled jobs through NextGen industries such as aerospace, defence, robotics, electric vehicles, and solar power batteries.
  • At its height, Dholera-SIR would be able to accommodate up to 20 lakh people from all over the world.

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