Terms & Condition

* Acceptance of payment toward booking of the units is subject to the rules and regulation of the scheme, Brochure, application forms, effective sheet/plan, commercial terms etc.

* No Flat / plot / unit (Commercial / Residential / Industrial / Agricultural) will be considered allotted without payment of booking amount. Entire payment, including all additional amount, is to be made before possession well in time limit.

* Rates are subject to change without prior notice. If any revision in rates takes place even when decision making is in progress or the full booking amount has not been paid, in that event, the revised rates shall be applicable.

* In case of plotted development schemes, Variations are likely in area, dimension status of land and layout in some situations imposed by Governing Municipal Corporation/ Local Governing Authorities. Moreover, some charges may arise in boundary lines, plots, common plots, etc, For upgrading the scheme and / or for incorporation expansion of the scheme. Building construction is to be completed in all respect within the stipulated time as per various permissions and as per bye laws / regulations of Urban Development Authority / Panchayat / Town Planning / Local Authority as applicable. Minimum margin of 15 feet from roadside and 10 feet from adjoining plots/ common plot is mandatory while carrying out any construction unless otherwise specified for certain plots.

* Impact of Town Planning Scheme (If implemented including betterment charges, at anytime), is to be borne entirely by flat / unit / plot purchaser / Holder/ Allotted, in future, if any.

* Force Majeure - Because of Unavoidable circumstances, like Act of God etc., which may arise; proposed project may get delayed / postponed. Under such circumstance , company should not be held responsible and Avirahi Group or its group of companies shall not be made party to any legal matter / suit / PIL / Notice related directly or indirectly to the said Force Majeure here.

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