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Calendar 11 Sep,2019 | Avirahi Group

Here is the good news for all those who have plans to purchase a home or vehicle soon. Purchasing Dholera SIR residential plots will become a lot easy with changes in the interest rate for loans obtained from the PSBs. Public sector banks are strictly instructed to lend loans at an interest rate that is bench-marked by RBI.

It also means that the banks will be eligible to get a capital infusion of INR 70,000 crores upfront. That means the lending capacity of the banks in the market is going to rise up to INR 5 Lakh crores.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of our country, did make these announcements on Friday, August 23. These measures are taken by the government in an endeavor to boost the economy. Banks are going to make these changes with immediate effect. These are some benefits one will get to enjoy as a result of this change:

Borrowers Will Pay Less Interest

Up until today, banks were lagging when it came to transmitting to borrowers the reduction of repo rates as instructed by RBI. Even though RBI cut interest rates by almost 110 points this year, banks were unsuccessful in implementing and taking this to the borrowers.

Only a portion of this benefit was passed out to the borrower. This move from the government as per the finance minister will also help the industries to get cheaper working capital loans.

Boosts Lending Capability

The upfront capital infusion of INR 70,000 crores is going to boost the lending capacity of the PSBs, and it will also improve the liquidity situation. Finance Minister also stated that the HFCs or Housing Finance Companies are going to get the liquidity support of around INR 20,000 crores through the NHB or the National Housing Bank.

The total support they are going to receive is INR 30,000 crores. The finance minister is quite confident that it is going to create a significant impact on the lives of both the people and the economy.

New Policy Changes to Simplify the Lending Process

The government is planning to make some simple yet necessary changes in the rules related to PMLA or Prevention of Money Laundering Act. There will also be some changes in the Aadhar regulations. They are doing this mainly to simplify the existing lending policies.

The government will make it mandatory for the PSBs to return the loan document to the borrowers in just 15 days after the closure of the loan. It will increase the efficiency of the banks apart from reducing the harassment borrowers face. Borrowers who mortgaged assets are going to benefit from this new change.

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