Small Town Vs Big City: Which Inspires You Most?

Calendar 25 Apr,2016 | Avirahi Group

I have grown up in a small town, and I would say my childhood was the best time I had. Especially when you are with your family and first cousins, there is no other place on this earth that could compete the place you were born and brought up. But then again, time changes, so the priorities. You learn to get independent and handle the responsibilities towards your family. In that case, you search for better and much better options that makes you financially strong.

City Vs Town

As I said, I am from a small town, in my childhood, I never thought of shifting to another city. A city which is big and has all the facilities available that fulfils my daily requirement. It was just not about the facilities, but about finance as well. The important reason people migrate to the metro cities to get financially strong. It helps them earn good and help their families residing in the small cities.

There are many other several reasons why people would love to settle in a big town, read the blog below and know it on your own;

You are safe; remember the time when you learned from your father and other family members that there was a group of thieves with burglary intentions, around the house. Well, here in this city I do not feel the same way. I know I am secure and my belongings are safe when I am out for a while. I would thank the real estate authorities to come up with such a brilliant plan to provide homes with security feature. You feel good when you know that there are other hundred families are living in a same building.

You stay informed; usually any big or small news reaches in any small town bit later, if you are not constantly watch news channels. The newspaper reaches next day and by that time the news is old. This is the smart time, where people through technology learn things happening around them in a few minutes. Any news big or small if it affects any individuals it spreads like fire.

Transportation service; I would use bicycles to go to my school, my hometown was that small. Here, in this city, I cannot afford to buy petrol or diesel for my vehicle, but thanks to the cheap transportation. The specialized reserved route of BRTS, makes life easier and drops you to your desired destination on time. Not only this, there are many taxi/cab/rickshaw services available just a call away for your travel needs.

Lifestyle and Food; I meet different people each day, some are from offshore, some are from the same country but different state. I have developed a kind of confidence in me since I have started conversing with people from the different locality. I know almost all the cuisine types, and being a big foodie, I have dropped by every restaurant in my town, well almost. The lifestyle of the big city has not much influenced me as I am very close to my traditions/culture, but still when there are unavoidable invitations, I am always up.

If Town Vs City, I am definitely loving city. It has everything, like, economic, healthcare, entertainment and much more. When you are asked about the good things about a metro city, you would take these names, but I have mentioned other qualities as well in this blog.

Dholera First Smart City of India

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